KROG releases the EP “Irrbloss”

Namnlös1The concept “Irrbloss” (translated: Will-o’-the-wisp) is released on the 3:rd of November, on the Swedish holiday All Souls Day.

”In a small cottage sits yet another lost soul. The forest lies dark around the lake. The two figures are constantly present in the background, observing. There is a concern, a darkness, a hopefulness; an Irrbloss.”

After this summers’ festivals, the duo KROG shut themselves in the studio to create the project “Irrbloss”. Each Sunday until the first Sunday of advent a new piece of the puzzle is release, all put together in a release party in Stockholm in the beginning of December

Irrbloss exposes a deeper dimension of KROG where the hopeful melancholy reigns.

One EP, one tale and one video all narrate – two figures appear.

The journey starts at All Souls Day. To become part of it, follow KROG here:

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